Digital Services for your business

  • Do you need a business website that is easy to use?
  • Are you struggling with formatting your documents?
  • Need help writing content for your website or social media?
  • Do you need some administration help?

Ingress can provide a range of digital business services to help you with your business and give your customers a range of ways to find you online.

Ways that Ingress can help you?

  • Document formatting services ( Microsoft Word, Publisher and Excel)
  • Update your website, add pages and write copy
  • Google business listing
  • WordPress websites

No time to update your website? View my portfolio and get in touch.

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Trish is fabulous. She knows her stuff and her work ethic is second to none. I highly recommend Trish Sait. Trish has also built our website,


Mardi Barnes

What customers want from your business online:

  • make it easy and quick to find out what you do
  • a website that works on phones, tablets and other devices
  • immediate ability to order, purchase and pay or contact you directly.
  • they want to feel your business, see products and services immediately and get as much information they can to make a decision about purchasing your product or service.

Global Resource SolutionsSmall businesses need a strong digital presence which includes a website that is responsive and works in all browsers and on devices.

There is a huge range of online tools to help you build your business online, get the website you want with the help you need.