I do a lot of work with designers and the sites I create look amazing. I love working on high quality websites and the one thing they all have in common is they lack any kind of content that the user can really absorb.

You probably have heard the phrase “Content is King” that is more relevant now that ever before.

Here are some tips on how to write effective content for your website.

1. Call to action on each page – this is a basic one, make sure your users can contact you. There should be some sort of contact information on each page, either a link to a contact us page or display the phone number and email.

2. Describe your products and services in English
– in my industry I see so much jargon and I have been guilty of creating some of it, people need to be spoken to in English. If I see one more “innovative integrated systems to support large scale revenue generating methods…..” what does that even mean.

3. Focus on the user – when writing copy for the web always try and focus on what the benefits are for the user, your potential customer, don’t tell them how fabulous your products and services are, try and reward them with tangible benefits for them.

4. Avoid a white elephant – if your budget is $3000 for a website spend $2000 on the website and $1000 on copy writing, marketing and strategy. There is no use spending $3000 on a website that no one will visit.

5. Work out what you want your website visitors to do when they arrive at your website and make sure that you have that front and centre on your home page. Make it easy for them to buy from you, with big obvious buttons saying “contact us now on 1800 xxx xxx” if you want them to phone you or make sure there is a link to your contact page every chance you can get. The last thing you want is your potential customers not being about to find your contact details because you have them in 9pt at the bottom of the screen next to the fine print.

If you follow these simple tips you will capture your website visitors when they are most engaged with your product.